Marine Studios Access Statement
First floor, 17 Albert Terrace, Margate, CT9 1UJ

Telephone: 01843 282219

1. Marine Studios is a co-working office, design studio, and meeting rooms on the seafront near Margate’s Old Town.
2. Assistance dogs are welcome in the studio.
3. There are gender neutral public toilets with their own sinks, accessed through standard width doors off a small corridor.
4. The studios are a working space, so different people may be using them at the same time.
5. Individual hirers may choose to use the space in different ways. It is a condition of hire that they read this Access Statement and maintain access as described.

Parking Facilities
1. There is metered parking immediately outside the studios, and parking at the nearby High Street car park.
2. Visitors can be dropped off outside the property.

The Studios
1. There are six steps from the street up to a single door at the front entrance, wide enough for pushchairs or wheelchairs, although there is a low sill at the door. Due to the width of the pavement outside and the number of steps, we do not have a ramp. This door leads to a lobby.
2. Another door in the lobby leads to the studios on the first floor. There is a wide staircase with twelve steps with low risers and a handrail on the left, a landing, then a further seven steps with handrails on both sides to the studios.
3. The studios have level floors, with most spaces having dark grey carpet. The main coworking space has light-coloured laminate flooring.
3. There is even, natural light through the building. There are ceiling lights and halogen spotlights, so light is consistent throughout.
4. The studios do not echo and is not generally a noisy environment. There are also quieter spaces available, such as meeting rooms.
5. There is a kitchenette which is accessed by a standard width door and a slight dogleg.
6. Because of the level floors, even light, and good acoustics, Marine Studios is a neurodivergent-friendly space and as a consequence we have a number of neurodivergent users.

Other Information
1. The gallery uses a rail hanging system with nylon cord, so a ladder is needed to hang work. A suitable step ladder is included in hire.
2. We have a range of furniture including chairs and stools at different heights, some with arms.